Friday, March 14, 2008

Getting Bigger

So far I've failed miserably at keeping up with this blog. Blame it on a busy schedule and pregnancy brain. There are only a certain number of things I can remember at one time and that number is dwindling fast.

Last weekend Josh and I were able to make a trip to Wichita to visit family (I've included a couple of pictures, and will try to add more later). We both realized on our way back to Kansas City that that may have been our last trip there as carefree, childless adults. We are looking forward to lots of family visiting us in a couple of months though!

We had a doctor's appointment this past week and everything is going smoothly. I ended up passing my glucose test with flying colors, so no worries there. Now time seems to be slowing down, and we are just waiting, and waiting...and waiting, and I'm getting bigger, and bigger....and bigger.

On a different note...6pm tonight...GO JAYHAWKS!!!!!!!! We will be glued to our television all weekend (wishing that we were actually inside the Sprint Center, 3 blocks away *sniff*).