Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weddings, Part 3

Uncle Gregg, Aunt Carey Ann, & Beautiful Molly P.

Jeana & Cousin John. Awesome.

Sharing dinner

Molly, John, Harper

Love. Pure Love.

Austen's noise cancelling headphones for when her parents take her partying

Weddings, Part Dos

The Twins with Austen

Cousins! Harper and Austen

Papa Tom, Uncle Gregg, Brother-in-Law Brad, and Mima Tom

Mom & Dad

The Brothers--Andrew & John giving their sister Kelley a moving toast

Flower Girl Friends on the dancefloor

Cousins with Papa

Mom & Harper waiting for wedding pictures

Family! Andrew, Kelley, Dad, Mom, Alexandria, & Taylor


My cousin Kelley got married a couple of weeks ago. She moved to KC after college and it's given us lots and lots of time to hang out. She asked Harper to be a flower girl and Harper, of course, had a blast!

Kelley and Tommy jetted off to Aruba post-wedding and Josh, Harper, and I were able to stick around in Topeka to spend time with Kelley's older brother John from NYC. He and his girlfriend, Molly, were a huge hit with the big H.

Here are a million gajillion pictures:

The Bride and Groom


Rehearsal Dinner: Cousin John with Austen, Me & Brad

Alexandria & Serious Josh with Austen

Jill & Cousin John