Thursday, May 26, 2011


Well neither Jill nor I were safe from the tornadoes this week. I know that Jill has to deal with this stuff all the time in Oklahoma, but yesterday was only the second time in 10 years that the sirens have gone off in Kansas City.

Thought I'd share some pictures that Josh and I took the day before our tornado adventure. Some ugly clouds rolled through around noon and we took these pictures outside of our office window.

This one was taken by someone at the newspaper:

When the sirens went off yesterday, Harper was at the office with me and rather than messing around with the details of where the storm was we just headed straight to the Arts Incubator basement. The images of Joplin had me spooked.

What we found in the basement was pretty creepy, but comforting--a concrete tunnel that started at the Incubator and went for about a block underground. Crazy paranoid that I am, I found a pickaxe and a shovel and walked them to the end of the tunnel. I figured if we went in and the door was blocked by falling debris, we could dig our way out.

Anyway--I'm so happy that my sister, husband, and their daughter were okay in OKC. The tornado was only a few miles from their home. Hopefully we'll have a bad weather break for awhile!