Saturday, October 18, 2008

Baby Tales

My good friends Christy and Aali came in town last weekend from Chicago. They were nice enough to watch Harper for an hour while Josh and I ran some errands. This is what happened while we were gone. They brought out our daughter's "cool." I didn't realize she was already so unaffected by it all. Look at that "baby-could-care-less" expression! She's one tough kid!

After our errands we all went to lunch. It was fun catching up but the visit was too short. We've missed the Shahs (and this was their first time meeting Harper)!!!! Aali is completing his residency in anesthesiology at Northwestern Hospital and Christy is an extremely gifted Occupational Therapist. Josh was nervous about leaving Harper with new babysitters until I reminded him that we were leaving her with doctors. I think he felt better after that.
For those of you who don't know, Christy and I have been friends since middle school and Aali and I met in high school. Christy and I lived together in college and Aali might as well have been our third roommate. I fondly recall Aali's assistance in helping Christy and I get our "band" together (even though we never performed outside of our apartment), incessant teasing about my endless string of questionable boyfriends, and late-night "North and South" marathons (Come on people! You know...North and South? Patrick Swayze? THE Civil War soap opera extravaganza? oh, forget it).
Anyway. I miss them living in the same town and hope that once they finish all that med school they'll move back to KC.
In other news, Harper is well. She just finished fighting an ear infection and possible stomach bug and seems to be back on the upswing. Even her ongoing cold seems to be subsiding.
She also seems to be developing a new skill every day--she's almost sitting up on her own and is starting to hold her own bottle (the latter development means lots of good breaks for mommy and daddy!)
I will update again with new pictures soon. Hope all of our friends and family are well!