Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm Turning 30!

Well, not for another week and a half but wow! I just keep forgetting about my birthday and then it hits me. 30.

Last weekend we went to Wichita for a wedding shower and my family surprised me with a little birthday celebration. We also got to see Jill and Brad and of course, Jason and the kids. We stopped by Emporia on our way home to visit Mima and Papa Tom. As usual we didn't take enough pictures, but I've posted what I did take.

Gigi is coming in town again tomorrow and staying with us for a week. Pop (Ed) will be joining her (and us) next weekend!

Harper has had a cold in varying stages for about three weeks now (thank you daycare!) but she's still happy and active. She is rolling over, playing on her stomach, laughing, and growling. I couldn't figure out where she picked up that last one until a little girl at school crawled over to Harper's carseat one morning, peaked in at her over the side, and started growling like a dog. The girl also had a nice crusty, boogery nose and a cough. I guess it's pretty obvious who Harper is hanging out with during the day.

That's all the news here so now it's time for pictures:

Harper & Aunt Jill (Harper's onesie says, "My Aunt Rocks"

Harper in her new footie pj's

Infant indoctrination: A new Obama onesie from Grandma

Harper and Papa Tom