Wednesday, March 19, 2008 close...air thinning...can't breathe

I came home from an architectural licensing exam study session to see Jeana sorting baby clothes into plastic bins to go in the drawers of the baby's dresser. Too bad we couldn't find any containers to go in the small plastic ones.

Yes, nesting time is here and Jeana is full tilt. I love it, really. She's beautiful and, yes, glowing. Jeana and the baby's health are great and as far as I can tell both are excited to meet -- on the outside. Unrolling the diaper cake has Jeana realizing this is real...and forever.

As for me I'm losing sleep with excitement. It's Christmas all over again. Kid in a candy store. Keeping a mental and emotional balance is more trying than I expected. At times I want to hug my enemies and slug my friends. This kid has a hold on me already. And no, Jeana, I'm not writing a book with this entry...