Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Catching Up

So after taking a self-imposed break from work and stress for a couple of weeks, I am finally ready to post some catching-up photos from Harper's birthday and whatnot.

Her school has the sweetest birthday celebrations for each student. Harper got to help make carrot cake muffins in the kitchen for all of her classmates. Then, Josh and I came in as special guests for the actual party. Harper stood in the middle of the room while the kids sang to her and she shared pictures of herself as a baby, and then at 1, 2, and 3-years-old. Then the teachers got out the "jumpy house" for the kids to play in.

Here's a video from part of the birthday celebration (this is probably something only the grandparents will enjoy since it's a little lengthy :)

In other Best news, I finally got to go storm chasing with my friend Mike Smith. He is a former television meteorologist who started his own weather forecasting company about 20 years ago. Recently, he published a book about the history of the weather warning system.

Unfortunately we didn't see anything. Not even a good rain. It was really fun to see the process though, and to find out just how storm chasing works. I hope that I get to go again this season. I would love to join a group here, but I'm not sure I'd trust anyone else to take me.

Storm clouds forming, but they quickly began breaking up.

Mike with his book.

Also, a new hobby for me may be this:

Not that I can do that, exactly. Josh bought me aerial "silks" classes for Mother's Day. It's really just a fun, dance-related way to build upper body strength. If I'm lucky, maybe I'll be able to pull myself up and do a little twirl.

And here's one more video of H with her "church friends," just because. I was cleaning out my camera and thought I'd share: