Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oooooklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plains!

My sis is moving to Oklahoma in a couple of weeks. She and her husband will be the Bible Belt's newest residents! This is my long distance dedication to them both. Good luck and godspeed!

And here is why I love my sister and am actually thrilled that she'll be closer to me. Here is a picture of us from the weekend:

My mom bought us matching Christmas pajamas. We get these every year. Since we are both going to be with our in-laws on actual Christmas day we had our Wichita Christmas on Sunday.

Saturday night, after an evening out, my sister (who is 26 ya'll), ran down to her room to try and find her new pajamas. My mom hadn't put them out yet. She came back upstairs very slowly with a really dejected look on her face until my mom handed us the above pj's. My sister was so very happy.

Then, we couldn't get through the picture because of an inside joke from eight years ago.

And that's the joy of sisterhood. When you get together you still get to be ten-years-old. I'm not sure that's it's wise to capture these moments permanently in photos, but there you go. I get to see my sister a lot more often in the New Year so I am happy!