Sunday, August 10, 2008

Harper in the Hospital

Well, this wasn't quite how we envisioned Harper's first illness. A week ago we took Harper to the emergency room with a high fever. Concerned that she might have caught the viral meningitis going around, the doctors subjected Harper to a battery of tests which included a spinal tap. She then had to stay in the hospital for observation for 48 hours. We feel so lucky that everything came back normal. Most likely she caught a bad cold or stomach bug but because of her young age, the hospital always follows "standard procedure." Our families were incredible--Josh's aunt and uncle came to the hospital right away and stayed with us throughout the first day. My parents headed to KC as soon as they heard the news and then my Mom stayed on through the week. We are thankful for their help and for Harper's quick recovery.

In other Best news, I've started back to work this week and am trying to adjust to the new schedule. Gigi was going to visit us next weekend but decided to head in early after hearing about Harper's hospital adventure. She will be staying with us this week and babysitting. I hate being away from Harper during the day but it's been nice leaving her with her grandmas!

Some pictures of Harper in the hospital...