Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Found the Cord!

No Updates

Reason #1 for never updating my blog:
I can't find my camera cord and I just stubbed my toe for the second time while looking for it. At some point, it's just not worth it.

But I will give it another shot in 2011.

A recap of 2010:
The year started out a little rough. The economy was particulary unkind to us but Josh rallied in the summer, started getting noticed, and landed some great projects through his new firm, Joshua Best Studio, LLC.

I quit my job in November to join his firm and to spend more time with Harper. Not sure what I'm doing yet, except I think it entails ruling the world. Or at least Josh.

My sister had her first child--Austen Lillie (pictured below).

My brother introduced a great new woman into our family--Angela, his fiancee.

We took one, count 'em, ONE vacation to Texas over the summer. We got to hang out with the Texas Gatewoods and Harper got to do one of her favorite and my least favorite things--flying.

That's about it really. Hope you had a great year and that we get to see lots of you in 2011!