Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's!

Harper likes to read aloud to anyone who will listen. Us, her stuffed animals, her school friends, her paper plates and cups, my parents' CD collection. She holds the book up for everyone to see and makes up words and stories.

This morning she "read" me a Valentine's story at breakfast. I'm only able to understand about 50% of what she is saying as she counts more on inflection and facial expressions to tell a story than actual words. This morning, while holding up a Valentine's card (pretending it was a book), she told me a fascinating story about making "Valentime's" at playschool with her teachers, Ms. Corinna and Jesus. After making "Valentime's", the kids did some Dora pilates. Finally, in the story's grand finale, a monster ate Jesus! The moral of the story, according to Harper? "Jesus loves everyone and things. Happy Valentime's Day!"