Thursday, April 3, 2008


So yesterday, I completely wiped out on an uneven sidewalk. I skinned up my knee and feet then landed on my side. I have become so klutzy lately, it's ridiculous! I'm running into doors, knocking things over, and dropping stuff constantly--and it's not like I'm in much of a position to bend over and pick things up.

Anyway, my doctor made me go to the birthing center and stuck me on a monitor for an hour to make sure the baby was okay. Josh and I were going to have a "date night" but we got a trial run to the hospital instead. Everything looked fine--I could even see my little Braxton Hicks contractions on the monitor. I really, really hated laying in that bed hooked up to the machine though. It convinced me even more that I want to labor as long as I can without an epidural. Not saying I won't get one eventually, but I know that I will go nuts if I have to stay in bed for hours and hours, unable to move.

We have our birthing class on Sunday and I'm hoping that I come away from it with a little more confidence. We were able to tour the birthing center with a maternity coordinator on Wednesday (and of course, got a more up-close look after my fall ;)--we really like the facility and the nurses. There are lots of amenities for moms and dads to help make everything more comfortable. I wouldn't say that I'm excited about labor, but we are really feeling ready now for baby's arrival.

Just four more weeks! I'm hoping to post some new pictures soon but I need our laptop to do it (it's currently being repaired). I'll post again soon.