Thursday, June 5, 2008

Harper is One Month Old!

I can't believe how quickly this month has gone by and it's gone by in a complete blur! I've wanted to stay on top of updating this page more often but it's amazing how much time the baby swallows up. Besides watching Harper grow (she's made it to 9 lbs!), we decided to purchase our condo. So last weekend we moved two blocks away into a temporary apartment while our condo is being renovated. We are so excited that we'll be able to continue living downtown but it has been complete chaos! Sorry if we haven't been great about correspondence. We are really looking forward to seeing as much family and as many friends as we can this summer.
We've been so blessed to have so much help with our move and with Harper. Josh's mom, Sherry, and her husband, Ed visited and then Sherry stayed with us for a week and helped us pack (and also put in some late nights with the baby ;). My mom and dad came the day that Sherry left and they helped us through the move and unpacking. My mom stayed on a couple of extra days to also put in some late-night baby time!
This weekend my family, including Jason and the kids, will be coming back for a visit and next weekend Jill will be in town. Phew! I'm not sure we could have made it through this first month without the help.
I hope that I can post some more pictures soon. Even through the exhaustion and first-time-parent paranoia, we are in love with Harper and are thankful everyday for her health and for the joy she brings to our lives. We think we'll keep her.