Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday and Applesauce

So what are you giving up for Lent? Tonight Josh and I are going to Ash Wednesday services--the first time for both of us, I believe. I imagine, growing up Presbyterian, that I probably have participated in an Ash Wednesday service but I don't remember.

I have offered a link to the right under "Links I Love" to my pastor's blog. We are getting ready to do a series on death, dying, and the afterlife which coincides with the celebration of the Lenten season.

I feel very lucky that Josh and I found a church for our family that includes many wonderful, diverse, and humble people. I stopped going to church for several years for reasons that were necessary for me, at the time. I'm finding my way back after lots of doubts, uncertainties, and disappointments with the Christian church. I am glad though, (so very, very glad), that we landed right where we did--in this wonderful community of people who challenge us to think, question, and support each other.

And on an entirely different, random note...Harper is a barrel full of cuteness all the time. The other night she was rolling around on the floor after a long day at school, and an intense coloring session on our living room floor. After a bit of playing she said, "my legs huuuurrrrt." Josh asked her why and she said in a whiney, strained voice, "too much criss cross applesauce!"

These are the things I need to remember for later. Probably more funny for me than anyone else, but I love that little girl!