Friday, June 24, 2011

Old Pictures

I love cleaning out my inbox and coming across old pictures. I found a ton my grandpa sent to me a few years ago:

The Van Sickle grandkids:

Mima Tom, 5yrs

Mima Tom, 19 yrs

The Twins

Me and Great-Papa Hartenbower

Hoping to have more as I go through old emails from my Mom and sister. I love, love, love pictures!

On another note, Harper got in trouble at school a couple days ago for "smoking" sticks. I have to admit that this is the first time, as a parent, that I've been kind of mortified. I asked her to show me what smoking looks like thinking that surely, there must have been a mistake. But sure enough, she raised two fingers to her lips and started blowing.

Man. Maybe most kids do this. I'm sure that other parents smoke around their kids and since she got caught doing this with another little boy, I'm going to assume that he taught her about smoking. EXCEPT, the next day when I asked a teacher about it, she told me Harper said, "my parents smoke." Gah. Preschoolers are dangerous. And I totally know that I'm going to be the parent who always blames "those other bad kids" every time she gets in trouble. Dangerous, I tell you.