Thursday, December 11, 2008

'Tis the Season to be Charitable

I know that many of you are strapped for cash this year. I know Josh and I are feeling it with a new baby! This, however, is my "soft ask" (as they call it in the non-profit industry) for you to consider a charitable donation to Higher M-Pact.

Lots of you already donate your time and money to causes that you are passionate about. You will be receiving lots of requests at this time of year to stretch a little further for a myriad of other organizations. I know that I choose who to donate my time and energy to based on the issues I hold the closest to my heart. So if children in need isn't your thing, please disregard this post :).

I am the Center and Education Coordinator for Higher M-Pact. We serve low-income, high-risk children and families in the urban core of Kansas City. You can learn more about this organization and our programs here:

At this time of year we do a really wonderful thing. We adopt families who could use a little extra help providing a memorable Christmas for their children. I spend lots of time in the homes of these families and I can tell you--there's nothing more heartbreaking for me than knowing that not only are some of these kids not expecting a visit from Santa this year, but parents are struggling to provide even the most basic needs: winter coats, food, electricity.

You can make one-time donations through our website if you just have a little extra to give. You can also sponsor an entire family if you have a small bundle of money you're not sure how to spend. Even if you can't make a donation you can consider volunteering if you're in the Kansas City area. If nothing else, you should peruse our website. There is a great story behind the founding of Higher M-Pact!

Please feel free to contact me directly and have a fantastic and Merry Christmas!