Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Photo Hunt

I went hunting for photos on my Mom's computer this weekend because I am notoriously bad at taking pictures. Conversely, my Mom always has her camera with her and takes generally awesome pictures. Here are a few from the holidays that I would have liked to post a month ago.

Harper got reaquainted with her cousin Ellery this past summer (my cousin Kristen's daughter). Since then, Ellery has come up daily. It's either "I had fun playing with Ellery," or "I'm not Harper, I'm Ellery," or "Look, I'm dancing like Ellery," or "Look, I'm swinging my hair like Ellery."

Well Ellery came for a visit at Christmas and was a wonderful sport at keeping Harper entertained. I just love this picture of them holding hands. Of course Harper was nearly apoplectic with joy for weeks afterward!

While in Wichita at Thanksgiving we visited Botanica. Harper was listening to carolers when they gave her a bell to play during their songs.


When I was about 9 or 10 our families hired a professional photographer to take a family portrait at Christmas. My cousins and I all wore matching outfits. I so wish I had a copy of it to post here. There were about 11 of us--grandparents, parents, and five grandkids. Now, with spouses and great-grandkids, our family has over doubled in size. Time has flowwwwnnnn by. Don't think I won't dig up those old pictures though--I think I need a family "rewind" post soon.

There are very few pictures of Josh, me, and Harper together. Let this be the third or fourth of many...

My sister Jill's new little girl, Austen

That's it for my picture dump. Oh wait...I was missing one. This year's Christmas PJ's!