Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Report

Thank you for the website recommendations dedicated to frugal living. Got some good emails and word-of-mouth suggestions. Now, to find time to peruse and put frugality into action...

My brain isn't working today so this will be an unfocused post. We moved into our new home last weekend--finally! We didn't actually spend the night until Friday, though. I took the day off to get some things (lots of things) unpacked and organized but wouldn't you know it--Harper got strep throat. So we spent Friday morning at the doctor's office getting her all better. 

This is after the strep test. Her lips are blue because she got a blue sucker after all the gagging. It was Harper's first time with strep and the doctor was being so upbeat and cheerful about the impending gag sticks she was about to swipe at the back of H's throat. For some reason I thought this was really funny and I dissolved into a laughing fit--especially when she told H in a sing-song voice to put her hands under her bottom (so she wouldn't try to prematurely grab the swabs out of the doctor's hands). Harper was all smiles because obviously she just saw the sucker and didn't know what was coming.

Anyway, she's always a champ at the doctor. She was so proud of herself because she got three of her immunizations last week and didn't even cry. Big girl.

After we got home, Harper watched a lot of Blue's Clues, Dora, and Busytown Mysteries. I tried really hard to get us unpacked but without a lot of luck. At least the kitchen and bedrooms are functional. We had one major plumbing problem before moving in (even though we had about a hundred and one different inspections). Luckily, our home warranty covered it but now there is a bit gaping hole in the dining room. My fix-it husband will get to it, he swears. But I'm not rushing him, because he spent two whole days this weekend fixing a sewage back up in the basement. He is a hero!  These were both pretty minor issues that shouldn't be a continuing problem, thank goodness.

In better news, I woke up at 6:15 this morning and enjoyed a very cool, quiet morning on the front porch with my tea and the Washington Post. Oh wow, it was great! I've wanted a front porch for so long. It's the little things! It is also really fantastic to live around the corner from our very good friends, the Kerr's. They have three little kids and we saw them more this weekend than we have in the last month combined.

Also, in regards to my previous "stigmatized property" post, we don't talk about it anymore now that we live in the house. The subject is off limits because it is too creepy. So, if you want to know, you can google 4315 Charlotte--but not right before bedtime. And don't do an image search. That is all.

Pictures!! Harper and Dora--my mom sent a get well balloon along with dinner delivered from our downtown grocery store. It was very much appreciated!

Trying to get Harper to take more pictures. She's a natural:

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